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10 Reasons We Love Muskoka Winters (and you should too)

Let’s be honest, Winter gets a bad rap. Once the holidays are over and we're left with more than three months of cold, snowy weather, many people complain that there isn’t much to look forward to and that it's "so depressing”!

We get it….(sort of).

Winter can be a bit of a bummer at times (and yes, sometimes it feels far too long), but we don’t think it deserves all of the hate it gets. Call us crazy, but we really, truly love Winter!

Here are our top 10 reasons why:

  1. We weren’t going to start with, “Because it’s the Xmas/Holiday season!” because the truth is that the bulk of Winter happens after the festivities are over. However, much of the fun and wonder of the holidays linger into January….the fun family time, the food, the decorations and lights….so it just doesn’t feel right to not include it in our list! We should also mention our annual 12 Days of Christmas Promotion ... so much fun!

  2. Winter is so beautiful! Nothing compares to the way the sun sparkles on the snow and ice, how the trees look when they are heavy laden with fresh snow, the patterns Jack Frost paints on our windows, or the freshness of the cold air on a clear, crisp, sunny Winter day.
    Winter In Muskoka
  3. It’s cozy season! What makes it cozy? Well, by definition, things that are cozy give a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation - Things like food and drinks that make our bodies feel warm and satiated (think Winter faves like stews, soups and hot chocolate), soft ambient lighting that helps make the long Winter nights feel less punishing (we keep some Xmas light up until Spring), and clothing that is comfy and warm (our Deluxe Heavyweight hoodies and Berber Fleece Sweaters are the most cozy)!

  4. Winter Sports!!! We’ve waited all year long do to some of our favourite activities, and if you’re not into it, we hope this is the year you will get outside and try something new. Our faves are skiing (downhill and X-country)/snowboarding, skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling, tobogganing, snow-shoeing, fort building, snowball fights………Phew! We’re tired already and this isn’t even an exhaustive list! ;)

  5. It only makes sense to follow up Winter sports with relaxing “hibernation activities”. We find there are just some things that we do a lot more of during Winter than in the warmer months. Things that require, well, not much of anything more than a warm blanket and fuzzy slippers, a good book, a challenging puzzle, a fun board game or a creative craft.
    Winter in Muskoka
  6. The quiet. You may be a little surprised by this one, but probably only if you’ve never gone for a walk on a really calm Winter day or night, stopped for a few moments, and just really listened. It is really just amazing how very quiet Nature becomes this time of year. Other than the occasional chirp of a Woodpecker or jeer of a Bluejay, there is generally not a lot of animal (or human) activity going on. It’s a lovely contrast to our busy Summers here in Muskoka.

  7. We probably didn’t need to give Winter campfires their own point, but honestly, we love them so much we think they deserve it! Day or night, the warmth of a fire is appreciated so much more when warmth is actually needed! Plus, if you enjoy the ambiance of a campfire in the dark, well, you have a much longer window to work with in the Winter months with such short days.

  8. Ice walking is an activity that we’ve really grown to love over the years. Of course, it should go without saying that this is only a good idea when you can be sure the ice is safe, but we need to say it anyway! It’s fun to be able to walk and explore where you normally can’t. It’s great exercise and on a sunny day, and with no trees or structures to cast shadows, it’s a great way to get some much needed rays!

  9. Sunsets and stargazing are obviously not Winter specific, but short days and long nights make for easier viewing. Driving home after work, or looking out the window while prepping dinner, how can you miss those glorious sunsets? And although it’s cold out and we may not want to venture outdoors quite as much, we have more of an opportunity to see the Northern Lights or gaze up at those Winter constellations as a result of longer nights.
    Winter In Muskoka
  10. So, our last reason may seem a bit odd (going for philosophical here), but without the contrast of the cold, long Winters, how could we possibly appreciate all of the other seasons and their unique contributions to our experience of life? To be honest, and it’s really kind of funny, but we always start out every season by saying it is our “favourite”…..and we are also equally happy to see it end. Winter’s no exception. Guess that means you should stay tuned for our “Top 10 Reasons” for all the other seasons, too!
So, that wraps this blog post, and why we are passionate lovers of Winter! We hope that if you haven’t already, this might help convince you to give Winter a chance. And if not, at least stop looking at the rest of us like we’re insane!
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