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About Us


Our Goal Is To Be A Reflection Of Your Muskoka And Whatever It Means To You

We know the above description is pretty vague when it comes to learning more about Pure Muskoka. But we really believe that it is more about Muskoka than us.

We are the peace you feel while sitting on the edge of the dock in the early morning. We are the elation that fills you as you’re flying in a boat with the wind in your hair.  We are the enchantment of a loon’s call echoing through your consciousness. We are the excitement that flows through you at the sight of a deer running into the woods or a Pileated Woodpecker landing in a nearby tree. We are even the frustration felt at the hand of pesky black flies and 7 feet of snow. Whatever your experience of this magical place, Pure Muskoka will reflect it back to you.

It is our hope that you are reminded and inspired and fall in love with it again, every single day, whether you are here in the flesh or living vicariously through our clothing, photos, videos and pages.

Muskoka is impossible to put into words, but once you’re here, you get it.


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