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The Detour Outdoor Spray

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The Detour Co. has created outdoor blends of essential oils that can help avoid unwanted bites and stings from all sorts of insects, even ticks! The spray can go directly on skin and also does a great job when sprayed on clothing. We love spraying it generously on our hats when we're out on a hike....It is even considered safe to spray directly on your pooch!

 With our spray, you may notice insects flying around but not landing on you. Enjoy fewer bugs on your skin and fewer bites.This spray is awesome in the backyard, around the campfire, on the dock, even the patio! Spray it around screen doors and even camping chairs.....Its uses are endless. 

This dog friendly blend is woodsy yet sweet thanks to the essential oils used: cedarwood, patchouli, sweet orange, grapefruit and sage.

Always SHAKE WELL before application to ensure the oils are mixed adequately.

Spray Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, 1.25% essential oil blend

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