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At Pure Muskoka, we value transparency and strive to provide our customers with a comprehensive understanding of our products and their origins. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality, locally-sourced, sustainable, and socially responsible manufacturers and fabric providers. Our primary focus is on finding manufacturers within Canada that meet our stringent standards. However, when necessary, we do also consider alternative sources that align with our values.

It's important to note that any products sourced outside of Canada are subject to our strict finishing and embellishing protocols, which are completed in Canada. This includes all printing, tagging, embossing, embroidering, and other finishing processes. Additionally, we are proud to own and operate our own printing presses, and we undertake 98% of our screen printing in-house, right here in Muskoka.

We believe that by maintaining these standards, we can ensure that our customers receive high-quality, ethically-sourced products that align with our values. 


🇨🇦 Products 100% Made In Canada
Deluxe Heavyweight Hoodies  🇨🇦
Deluxe Heavyweight Crewnecks  🇨🇦  
Men's Full Zip Hoodies  🇨🇦  
Women's Full Zip Hoodies  🇨🇦  
Youth Hoodies 🇨🇦  
Kids Hoodies 🇨🇦  
Antler Hoodies  🇨🇦  
Eco Hoodies  🇨🇦  
Ladies Lifestyle Lounger - Crewneck  🇨🇦  
Ladies Lifestyle Lounger - Pants  🇨🇦  
Fleece Sweatshorts  🇨🇦
Long Sleeve T-Shirts  🇨🇦  
Lightweight Tie Dye Hoodies 🇨🇦
Pure Muskoka Cottage Socks 🇨🇦
Toques  🇨🇦  
Books: Pure Muskoka Volume 1 & 2  🇨🇦  
Candles  🇨🇦  
Puzzles  🇨🇦  
Coasters  🇨🇦  
Ornaments 🇨🇦  
Products Made in Other Countries
  T-Shirts Our T-Shirts are are sourced in the USA and ethically manufactured in Los Angeles, California. All design and printing and tagging is completed in Canada.
Berbers assembled in China. All embellishing  and finishing completed in Canada
Mugs are manufactured in China. All embellishing  and finishing completed in Canada
(705) Hoodies Hoodie made in China - Designed and Printed in Muskoka
Portage Hoodies Hoodie made in China - Designed and Printed in Muskoka
Boat Launch Hoodies Hoodie made in China - Designed and Printed in Muskoka

Hwy 69 Patch Hoodie

Hoodie made in China - Patch Made and applied in Canada.

Decisions, Decisions Hoodie

Hoodie made in China - Designed and Printed in Muskoka
Camo Hoodie Sourced in USA - various ethical manufacturing locations - Hand printed in Muskoka and tagged in Canada
  Hats Sourced via Richardson Hats (USA company, sourced in various countries). Patches made in Canada


We approach every step of our business with a passion for professional, ethical and sustainable practices that provide quality products and experiences. This also includes our partners and suppliers. We ensure that all the people who work with Pure Muskoka are respected, valued, and feel safe.