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Red, White, and Muskoka

Celebrating Canada Day in Style

What's up, Muskoka! Let’s talk about July 1st, the biggest day of the summer. Canada Day isn't just marked on calendars—it's felt in the air and we're already getting ready for another awesome day. The design for the this year's annual Canada Day shirt is underway and we'll be getting ready to unveil it in a few weeks.  

Canada Day Leaf Tee - Pure Muskoka

It was two years ago, that we decided to step up our Canada Day game. We introduced our first Canada Day t-shirt, and what started as a simple piece of apparel evolved into an emblem of connection—a wearable link to the Canada, Muskoka and the celebration of our heritage.

Canada Day Tees - Pure Muskoka

Last year we introduced our 2nd design and the feedback was amazing. Families decked out in the tees sent in photos of their gatherings, showcasing the tees against the backdrop of Muskoka’s pristine settings—each picture a story of connection and celebration.

Canada Day Tee - Pure Muskoka

We received tonnes of photos, each a testament to the shirt’s ability to connect. Each picture saying more than any review could with friends and families smiling wide.

This year, as we gear up to unveil our newest design, we remember why we started this tradition. It’s about more than fashion; it’s about forging a tangible connection to this place and the moment. Let’s fill our community album with memories from Dwight to Bala, from Bracebridge to Port Carling. Show us how you and yours embody the spirit of Canada in Muskoka.

Join Us in Celebration

Join us this Canada Day. Dress in the spirit of Muskoka, in the spirit of Canada. Let’s do it in style that speaks of who we are: proud, together, and a little bit whimsical. Here’s to another unforgettable Canada Day—here’s to making memories you can wear year after year.

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