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Decisions, Decisions

The Story Behind Our Iconic Tee

You’re driving north on the 400, just north of Barrie, where the highway divides into two paths. Here lies a choice, a fork in the road, yet there’s no wrong turn. Either choice will lead you to fresh air, natural beauty and the promise of a slower pace.

This isn't just a route; it's a gateway to serenity that inspired our very first t-shirt design. Our now iconic "Decisions, Decisions" 400/11 Split tee.

Decisions, Decisions - 400/11 Split T-Shirt - Pure Muskoka

The Philosophy Behind the Design

We believe that context and memory play powerful roles in all moments in one's life, with potential for evoking memories, nostalgia, and profound emotions. This is the heart of our design philosophy. We wanted this tee to tell a story of that critical moment —where the weight of urban life lifts and the welcoming arms of the north take over — a wearable piece of art that captures the essence of freedom and escape.

Impact and Customer Stories

We debuted this tee in 2020 and the response to this tee was immediate and heartfelt. Being more than our best seller, it has started conversations and sparked connections. Our customers have shared stories with us about being approached by fellow Ontarians while travelling, all thanks to the simple design on their chest.

As one customer put it, "Every single time I wear this shirt I’m asked, at least once, where I got it. Best shirt ever and highly recommend."

Decisions, Decisions - 400/11 Split T-Shirt - Pure Muskoka

Uncompromising on Quality

Designing a shirt that carries such feeling meant we couldn’t compromise on quality. We knew we wanted the tee to last, and get better with age. So we selected premium fabrics that are lightweight yet durable and retained its shape after many, many washes. It’s thin lightweight material, doesn’t mean it’s cheap, quite the opposite in fact. We choose the most premium tee available so it would retain its shape, not shrink or fade as you wear it more and more.

Decisions, Decisions - 400/11 Split T-Shirt - Pure Muskoka

Get Yours Today

The “Decisions, Decisions" tee represents a choice, the decision to pause, breathe, and remember something purer, simpler. If you haven't yet experienced this for yourself, now is the time.

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