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From Cocktails to Combat

Ditch the Bug Spray, Grab the Vodka

Hey Muskoka! Today we are shaking things up a little to help you replace your regular bug spray with something a little more....Spirited. Our solution is as simple as it is potent: Vodka!

Yes, the same stuff you love to drink, whether mixed into a cocktail or shot straight in a moment of regrettable karaoke, it can also be a bug repellent that protects your skin from the nasty bites of mosquitoes, black flies and other insect pests!

Cocktails To Combat - Vodka Bug Spray - Pure Muskoka

Before you start thinking that we’ve drunk one too many martinis, let us explain the science behind our boozy bug repellent. You see, vodka contains ethanol, which, much like its effect on your weekend plans, can also wreak havoc on insects' nervous systems. But before you go dousing yourself in Grey Goose and running off into the forest, let us share our DIY vodka bug spray recipe to help you stay classy.

First, you will need an 8 ounce spray bottle (preferably one that hasn't previously been used for a cleaning product). Measure out a cup of vodka (whatever brand you want, but we suggest using the cheaper stuff for this). Then, add about 30-40 drops of essential oil. Bugs tend to dislike the smells of citronella, clove, geranium, eucalyptus or lavender, so they are all excellent choices and will make you smell like a fancy spa instead of a frat house basement. BTW....We like our bug spray shaken, not stirred!

Vodka Bug Spray - Pure Muskoka

Note: Be sure you do a patch test before using your new spray. We wouldn’t want you to end up with hives and blaming it on the vodka. 

Well, there you have it. And while you’re out there, homemade bug spray in hand, why not raise a glass to your newfound "survival" skills? I mean, what says ‘I’m taking back the wild’ better than a celebratory shot of vodka on the side?


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