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A Blast From The Past

 Flying Heli-Boats

Muskoka is the summer vibes and lake life capital of Canada and motorized surfboards are the next big thing. But latch onto your life vests because what we're about to show you will make your motorized toys look like ... well, toys. Behold the giroboat - an ancient beast of a machine that was part helicopter, part "let’s see if this thing actually flies without killing someone".

Flashback to 1961, and some genius (a 26 year old name John Hofstetter) thought the future was all about strapping helicopter blades to a boat. 

Giroboat - Insane Invention - Pure Muskoka

History is stuffed with insane inventions, and this Giroboat is the poster child.

I'm not afraid of a good adrenalin rush – jet skis or bridge jumping anyone? But this flying death machine? That's like upgrading from a backyard slip 'n slide to Niagara Falls. Props to the wild mind of John Hofstetter for dreaming it up, but .... it's a hard "no effin' way!"

Giroboat - Pure Muskoka
Giroboat - A Blast From The Past - Pure Muskoka
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