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Wild About Leeks

So, what’s the big deal about Wild Leeks?

Well, if you’re someone who likes to cook with fresh (local) food, wild leeks (aka Ramps) are the first vegetable of springtime. Wild leeks are part of onion/garlic family and anyone who has ever cooked with or tasted a wild leek will tell you that there is almost no comparison to their milder store bought cousin.

We went on a hike with Environmental Consultant, Bob Bowles at Brooklands Farm in Milford Bay to learn about how to find, identify and harvest wild leeks.

It turns out they’re pretty easy to spot, if you know where to look and what to look for. We also learned the importance of proper harvesting of wild leeks. While they are the first to show up in the spring, they take forever to grow back.

Getting Leeky - Sherwood Inn Style

Who better to learn to cook with wild leeks than Sherwood Inn Executive Chef, Everett Bell. He cooked us a steak dinner that used wild leeks in 5 separate ways. Man, that guy can cook!

"Vintage" Dining At Sherwood Inn

If that video got your mouth watering, make sure to visit Sherwood Inn on Lake Joseph.

Sherwood Inn

For decades Sherwood Inn has been known for Muskoka fine dining, Muskoka inspired cuisine, and wine. They are committed to culinary excellence and dining with them is an unforgettable experience. Sherwood Inn is proud to use local, farm fresh local ingredients whenever possible, bringing their guests an authentic Ontario dining experience. Many herbs and vegetables are straight from their gardens!

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