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The Joy Of The Jigsaw

What is it about puzzles that we are so drawn to? Those of us who love them already know, whether we’ve actually taken the time to put our thoughts and feelings on the matter into words or not.

For us, puzzles are usually a holiday project, whether it be Summer vacation, a long weekend by the lake or at Christmas time. It’s a way for us to relax and unwind, partaking in something that we can all do together as a family or quietly tackle on our own. The experience allows us to drift away to another place, all the while searching, finding, assembling and ultimately seeing the puzzle scene come together. The charm of of doing a good puzzle is that it allows us to achieve a goal that we’ve set for ourselves, strengthening our self confidence, and bringing us a sense of inner harmony, satisfaction and healthy pride.

We begin by spreading the puzzle out on a table, first sorting by edge and corner pieces. Next, we sort into piles by colour, pattern or shape - Everyone has a unique way of approaching a good puzzle. The number of pieces and complexity of the image will determine whether it will be an hour long, day long…or possibly even a month long commitment, but regardless of the level of difficulty, puzzle lovers will agree that it’s definitely a source of happiness!

It is our hope that our Pure Muskoka puzzle collection will transport you to a place that you love. We have chosen some of our favourite photographs and partnered with a local company to produce these high quality puzzles for you to enjoy. Once you are finished you can proudly display them for all to see, or take them apart and enjoy building them again and again!

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