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The Fox Whisperers

How Our Community United to Help a Furry Friend in Need

Hello friends and fellow animal lovers! Gather 'round and let us tell you a story about a little furry friend who has captured the hearts of our tight-knit community here in the town of Bala. It's a tale of compassion, determination, and the power of human kindness; a journey we've embarked on to help a brave little soul.

For the past couple of months, a mangey young fox has become a familiar face around town. We've watched as it has bravely been battling a relentless illness, its once luscious fur gradually giving way to patches of bare skin. Our hearts have ached seeing its once vibrant eyes succumb to crusty infections and near blindness. It's been clear for awhile now that this little fox has been in dire need of help.

Jaspen The Fox - Bala, Ontario - Pure Muskoka

Driven by empathy, many in our town couldn't bear to see this precious creature suffer. We started leaving scraps of food out for it, hoping that our acts of kindness would help this poor creature survive. You see, the fox, weakened by its condition and unable to hunt, has been seeking solace near humans for sustenance and shelter.

Word quickly spread through our community about this resilient creature's plight. We shared stories and photos, exchanged worried glances, and decided to take matters into our own hands. The amazing folks at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Rosseau lent us live traps, hoping we could capture the fox and transport it there for much-needed treatment. Sadly, even though it was evident that this little one needed help, perhaps it was too smart for its own good. There was no way it was going to get itself trapped.

Days turned into weeks, and with every passing moment, we became more determined to help our newfound friend. Finally, the breakthrough we had all been waiting for arrived. We received a dose of medication capable of clearing the fox's mange infection within 1-2 months, and without us needing to take it away from its home or having to put it through the stressful experience of transporting it! But first, we had to convince our furry friend to take the dose.

Luckily, convincing a hungry fox to take medication hiding in a piece of sausage was not a difficult task. It was a delightful, albeit sneaky, way of administering the treatment. With our hearts brimming with hope, we watched as the fox devoured the sausage, unaware that a cure to its suffering had just arrived on the scene.

Now we eagerly anticipate the fox's recovery as we continue to rally together as a community to further support this brave little soul, whom we have affectionately named Jaspen. The name Jaspen was chosen because Jaspen Park is a common spot for this little fox to be seen hanging out.

Jaspen The Fox - Bala, Ontario - Pure MuskokaIn our efforts to keep Jaspen safe and comfortable, we've learned valuable lessons about its needs. We urge everyone to keep their eyes open for Jaspen's presence at road sides, open fields, and parking lots. Due to the loss of fur and the infection hindering its ability to regulate temperature, Jaspen often seeks warmth in hot, sunny places. So, if you spot a furry friend seeking solace in a sunny spot, it might just be our courageous Jaspen in search of some much-needed comfort. Slow down, keep your distance....But if you have some fresh water or a little food to leave nearby (raw chicken, eggs and dog food are some fox favourites), I'm sure appreciate it will appreciate the help just a little while longer during recovery.

However, as the days turn into weeks, and our furry friend's health improves, we must remember an important lesson: As much as we adore this little creature, our ultimate goal is for it to return it to its natural habitat — a wild fox, capable of fending for itself. At some point we must back away and let this happen. We know that letting go will be bittersweet, but it is in Jaspen's best interest.

Together, we've proven that even the tiniest act of kindness can make a world of difference. And soon, we hope to witness the triumphant return of our little fox friend, no longer dependent on our support but thriving in the wild where it truly belongs.

Jaspen the Fox - Bala, Ontario - Pure MuskokaLet this story inspire us all to extend a helping hand whenever we can, for it is through our collective acts of compassion that we can truly change the world, one precious life at a time.

Stay tuned for more updates on our courageous fox's incredible journey. Until then, keep spreading love, lending a paw, and cherishing the furry friends that brighten our lives.

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  • Jade

    We got to see Jaspen again tonite by the bridge in Bala! He is looking soooo much healthier!!! I have some updated pictures if anyone wants!!

  • Justin DiCienzo


  • Jade

    Aww I am so glad he is continuing to get help from everyone! I stopped one day to try help capture him but he is definitely very sneaky and too smart for his own good. Just out of curiosity do you know which product was given? I heard through the grapevine Bravecto was given which is fantastic although only covers for tick and fleas. The Nexgard Spectra MAY be the best product to try to get into him as its also an oral chew you could sneak in a treat and protects against internal parasites aswell as ticks and fleas 😊 I may be wrong!! (And maybe that’s what was given!) I hope Jasper thrives with everyone’s help! Go Bala Community🥰🥰

  • Angela

    I love Bala for so many reasons… and to see everyone coming together to take care of this little guy just shines a light on how caring and wonderful people can be! Our little community has band together for Jaspen and it just warms my heart! ❤️ I have seen him alot around town and have shoo-shoo-ed him off of the road a few times… It’s so great to see all the updates about him and his journey to better health! Come on Lil Fella! We’re all behind you! ❤️

  • Mel stechison

    I’ve seen little jasper on hwy 169..just outside Bala…he’s the cutest fox..he’s looking better..thank you so much to everyone for helping this little guy get better in his own Backyard..its wonderful ❤️
    To Hear so many helping the animals of muskoka …please keep up the great work.
    Watch the side s of the road for all the critters..moving around…please slow down…thks

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