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The 5-Minute Miracle for a Bug-Free Windshield!

Why You've Been Cleaning Your Windshield Wrong All Along!

Welcome to another chapter in the grand saga of Muskoka living. Today, we're diving headfirst into the annual bug season windshield massacre. You know, the bugs that meet their untimely end on your windshield, leaving behind a mess that would make Jackson Pollock proud.

A Bug's LifeThis is truly a topic that needs addressing. After all, we Muskokans pride ourselves on our pristine lakes and landscapes, and that should extend to our windshields too.

Pure Muskoka - Bug Guts Windshield

So, let's get down to it. You've just returned from a delightful drive around the lake, and your windshield looks like a bug graveyard. You could go at it with your wipers or some elbow grease, but we all know that's about as effective as trying to convince a Canadian goose that it's not, in fact, the boss of you.

Vintage Hues Collection - Pure Muskoka
Vintage Hues Collection - Pure Muskoka

Here's where we can let you in on a secret that's been passed down through every family for generations. Except it’s a technique you usually use while washing dishes. It’s a technique so simple, so effective, you'll wonder why you've been living in the dark ages of bug removal. Ready for it? Warm, soapy water.

Yes, you read that right. Warm, soapy water.  Not just any water, but warm, soapy water (Dawn dish detergent works best). It's the secret weapon in the battle against bug guts. And it's not just a quick splash and dash. No, you've got to let that windshield soak for a good five minutes. Consider it a spa treatment for your car. If you've ever had to clean a lasagna pan or baking dish, you already know this secret. 

Pure Muskoka - Soak Your Windshield in Warm Soapy Water for 5 MintuesFive minutes, really? Yes! trust us, those five minutes will save you a world of frustration.

You see, the warm, soapy water softens up the bug remains, making them easier to wipe away. It's like convincing a stubborn toddler to leave the playground - you've got to coax them gently. And the end result? A windshield so clean, you'll think you've just driven it off the lot.

Using brute force over strategy, will lead to an hour of scrubbing, and all you’ll have to show for it is a smeared mess and a forearm that could rival Popeye's. Meanwhile, if you soak it, you can slide back and have a beer and then watch as the bugs on practically wipe themselves away.

Pure Muskoka - Rinsing Bugs from your windshieldSo, dear Pure Muskokans, as we head into bug season, remember this secret. Warm, soapy water, a five-minute soak, and a gentle wipe. It's the difference between a windshield that looks like a bug battlefield and one that's as clear as our beautiful Muskoka skies.

Pure Muskoka - Walkers PointAnd remember, a clean windshield isn't just about aesthetics. It's about embracing the Muskoka way of life - a life that values nature and simplicity. So here's to clear views, fewer bug casualties, and the simple pleasures of cottage life.

Until next time, keep those windshields clean and those beers cold.

Cheers, Muskoka!

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  • Glen

    Just an FYI, for some reason Dawn Dish soap works the best.

  • Nancy

    Thank you for such a simple everyday hack that is readily available in our homes! Will save so much energy and struggle spent getting those dead guys off and not to mention how much Windex will save !!

  • Lorry

    Love your styles.
    Thank you for the advice it is always appreciated. Now do you have any advice on discouraging mosquitoes from annoying us?

  • Lorry

    Love your styles.
    Thank you for the advice it is always appreciated. Now do you have any advice on discouraging mosquitoes from annoying us?

  • Charlee

    Who knew warm soapy water could be magical lol. Seriously gonna tell my friends because my poor caddy is covered with the wee dead beasties. Thank you for leaving tips as well as selling amazing merch. Cheers guys😎

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