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10 Outdoor Activities To Celebrate Spring in Muskoka!

Well, we think it’s finally safe to say, "It’s here!” The snow has all melted, the ice is out, and spring has finally sprung!

This means that it’s time to begin swapping out boots for sneakers, toques for caps, and winter jackets for something a little lighter.

And while we’re all in the mood for swapping out our winter attire, let’s also swap out some screen time with more good, old-fashioned outdoor fun! In honour of milder days and the promise of more to come, here are 10 great outdoor activities to enjoy in beautiful Muskoka!

  1. Canoe/kayak/paddleboard - A personal favourite pastime of ours at this time of year. Most motorized watercraft haven’t been put in the lakes and rivers yet, which means quieter waters and more wildlife. Just be sure to wear your life jackets and stay close to shore. Needless to say, the water is still really cold!
    Spring Kayak
  2. Go for a bike ride - It’s definitely time to get the bikes out of storage, tune them up and hit the roads and trails.

  3. Have a picnic - Everyone has to eat, right? So, why not make your mealtimes more fun and go outside to have a picnic. Pack some snacks, a blanket, and a couple of delicious beverages and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

  4. Grab a pair of binoculars and go bird watching - Spring is migration season for birds, and many species are coming back to the Northern hemisphere after spending the winter somewhere warm. This means that many birds will gather in large groups, making them easy to spot.
    Sandhill Cranes
  5. Hiking - Hit the trails before the bugs come out! Temperatures are still cool and it’s a great time to explore new spots and watch Nature “come back to life” after a long, cold winter.

  6. Foraging - It’s exciting to see the forest floor greening up again, and plants poking up through the ground. There isn’t a lot to forage for so early in the year, but what is available can be easier to spot! Things like ramps (wild leeks), fiddleheads, young dandelions, morels and oyster mushrooms and partridge berries are a few favourites. Please harvest sustainably and never consume anything you can’t ID with 100% certainty.
    Foraging For Leeks
  7. Camping - Parks are starting to open up and camping season is on! Whether you enjoy our provincial parks or prefer back-country camping, please leave it how you found it!
  8. Gardening - It may be a little early, but it’s a great time to start seeds and plan your gardens. Typically, most cool-season varieties will not be affected by a light frost, so you can safely plant them by end of May.

  9. Geocaching - We were a little late to the party, but discovered geocaching during the first Covid lockdown. Like a fun, outdoor scavenger hunt, we thought it was a wonderful way to spend quality time together and add some extra fun to our hikes. Visit to get started.

  10. “5:00 on the Dock” (aka Muskoka happy hour) - It’s SO nice to finally get back on the dock to wind down and catch-up at the end of the day. This is a favourite tradition of ours during the warmer months.
We hope our list inspires you to get outside and enjoy this beautiful place. See you out there!
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