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Why Do We Retire Our Shirts?

Why Do We Retire Our Shirts?

We get this question a lot. We’ve had people tell us it’s a terrible business idea to make a shirt everyone wants and then retire it. We disagree.

Our Pure Muskoka T-shirt club offers limited edition, Muskoka inspired shirts to our members. It is our goal to surprise and delight them with an awesome new design each and every month. Once they receive our shirt, we retire it. That is how we can offer a truly unique collection of shirts that you’re not going to see just anywhere. That’s how we make the T-shirt Club experience so special!

It’s about the experience

Part of the fun of being in the club is the anticipation of the surprise that is going to show up in the mail next month. It’s like Christmas morning. When you receive the package in the mail - it’s exciting. You have no idea what’s inside. What makes it special is that you were part of the club when that shirt came out. If (and when) you see other’s wearing it, you know exactly when and how they got it. You know it’s original and unique!

It’s also about us. We like the challenge of having to come up with a fresh new design every month. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but we’ve never been afraid of that. Maybe one day we’ll run out of design ideas, but we’re not even close to that. We love the challenge of surprising and delighting you each month.

Who Doesn't Love A Surprise?
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