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Hanging out on a patio on the Indian River in Port Carling is an amazing way to spend an afternoon or evening in Muskoka.

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Wooden boats and Muskoka Chairs may be the most iconic images in Muskoka. If you haven't already, we suggest you find a way to catch a ride in one.

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"The Chutes"

A boat trip to the end of the Moon River in Bala will take you to this magical place.

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"The Jumper"

Cooling off by jumping into the lake from the boathouse deck is a memory that lasts a lifetime!

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"Knot's Landing"

Learning to tie a boat to a cleat is definitely a right of passage in Muskoka.

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"Front Row Seating"

The lake, a comfy Muskoka Chair and a spectacular sunset equals the perfect end to a summer day in Muskoka.

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"Paddle On"

A quiet solo paddle on a glass calm Muskoka lake is an experience like no other. If you haven't done it - it's an easy one to add to your "bucket list".

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"Serenity Now"

There's just a feeling that comes over you when the water is so calm its like a sheet of glass ... and it's a great feeling!

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There is nothing more pure than a day on the water in Muskoka - soaking up the scenery.

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"Milford Bay"

One of the most iconic drives in Muskoka takes you along Highway 118 through the Huckleberry Rock cut at Milford Bay.

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"Owl Eyes"

As the leaves disappear in the fall, it's easier to catch a glimpse of these wonderful birds.

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"Muskoka Beach Road"

If you haven't been down Muskoka Beach Road (between Bracebridge and Gravenhurst) in the fall. You're missing out on one of Canada's greatest fall scenes

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"Nature's Chair"

The Muskoka Chair and the forrest are iconic representations of Muskoka. Combining them into one was an easy design decision.

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"All Aboard"

It's not everyday you get to see one of the Muskoka Steamships passing through the Port Carling locks!

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"Old Woody"

There's nothing more Pure Muskoka than cruising the lakes in an old wooden boat. Nothing!

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"Mortimer's Point"

If you've spent time boating on  Lake Muskoka, you've undoubtedly seen this vintage sign at Mortimer's Point near the Kettles. 

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"Decisions, Decisions"

Depending where in Muskoka you're headed you have a decision to make when you see this sign travelling North on the 400.

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This might just be the highlight of the drive around Lake Muskoka. The Huckleberry Rock Cut is as iconic as it is beautiful.

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Turn off the highway and drive down the road until you see a big tree with a whole bunch of names on it. This has always been a common navigation method in Muskoka. 

Before there was GPS, there were “Directrees”.

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"Moon Cruise"

A moonlight cruise under a full moon, on a warm summer night, takes that "Muskoka Feeling" to a whole other level. This shirt was inspired by photo taken on an amazing evening cruise on Lake Muskoka from Bala to Port Carling a few years back.

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Our premiere shirt was inspired by the highway sign that points to many of the Muskoka towns. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a sign that had all the towns on it, but this one stood out to us. You can find this sign on Hwy 141 near Hwy 400.

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These guys definitely have a quality product. Made in Muskoka, these shirts are super soft, fit great and the screen printing is awesome. Unique custom designs that makes sure every purchase is special. My girlfriend purchased the club for my birthday and I am sure I will be a long time member .

Drew Cowern

There was a but of a mix up with my subscription orders, they were very helpful and great at explaining the whole thing. I love the shirts I got.  All three have a special meaning to my family! Very cool stuff!!!

Alexandra Fick

I bought this as a gift for my son, and he says it's like Christmas each month. So fun!

Sherry Newsome

It feels like I get my new favourite tshirt each month. Keep it up guys!! Love it.

Mark Curry

I'm blown away! We received our t-shirt and realized we ordered the wrong size. I sent an email at 6pm on a Thursday and within minutes Ben replied with a solution and had already changed our next orders to the correct size! That's the easiest online exchange I've ever done! I highly recommend Pure Muskoka!

Amanda Ferguson

I love my Mortimer's Point shirt so much. My only complaint is that I didn't sign up sooner. I really, really want a couple of the retired shirts. Especially the 400/11 split.

David Garner