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T-Shirt Club - FAQs

How It Works?

What is the Pure Muskoka T-Shirt Club and how does it work?

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It is a subscription service that allows you to get a premium, limited edition (custom made by Pure Muskoka) designed t-shirt every month.  Simply choose which subscription you want, then sit back and watch the stylish Muskoka themed shirts roll in every month.

We're Muskoka proud and we want to share that amazing Muskoka Feeling with you. 

Do I get to choose the colour of my shirt or the graphic that appears on it?

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No. Part of the fun of the Pure Muskoka T-Shirt Club is the surprise you get every month when your new tee arrives in the mail. We have decided to make it a complete surprise. You'll have to trust us to create designs that all of us who love Muskoka will enjoy. Don't worry, we will never send a shirt that we wouldn’t wear ourselves. Our designs are elegant and simple and evoke that Muskoka feeling. We don’t follow trends or tacky themes. Just classy designs that can be worn in any situation.

What if I hate the design on my shirt?

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This is a tough one. To keep our pricing as low as possible, we don't allow returns if you don't like a particular month's design. You're free to cancel your subscription anytime if you aren't happy with your shirts, but we hope you'll stick around and see what shows up next month. If you don't like it, we suggest passing it along to someone who will enjoy that particular design.

Can I place a one time order?

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No one time orders here! We are only able to offer monthly subscriptions. However, you are able to cancel your subscription(s) at any time from your "Manage Your Subscriptions" page. So you can simply subscribe for that month and unsubscribe immediately after.

Note: Pre-paid subscriptions cannot be cancelled.

Can I buy past (retired) designs?

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We're afraid not. Part of the specialness of each shirt is that it is limited. You have to be part of the club in order to get one.


What if I choose the wrong size?

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We know it can be hard to choose the right size when you are buying shirts online. If you find that you need a bigger or smaller size, first step is to go into your account and change your size preference. Next, shoot us an email at and if it's your first shirt, we will be happy to send a replacement in your new size.

Will my shirt shrink?

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All our shirts are pre-shrunk, so you should see little to no shrinkage after you wash it.


When will my first package arrive?

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We ship your shirt on the 25th of each month. It should take less than a 7 days for your shirt to arrive.

Note: Our cut-off date for each month is on the 10th. So if you order between the 10th and the 25th, your order will begin on the following month.

When am I charged?

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You are charged on the day you sign up, and then on the same day of the month for the following months. If you sign up after the 10th, then your renewal date will skip a month to avoid back to back charges. 

If I'm signed up for multiple monthly subscriptions, do I need to pay for shipping for all of them?

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Yes. All our products are packaged individually and sent separately, so the shipping fee is added to each subscription. 


Can I cancel my subscription?

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You can cancel monthly subscriptions anytime. No questions asked. Just a simple click of the mouse.

Prepaid subscriptions cannot be cancelled.

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