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About Our T-Shirts

About Pure Muskoka T-Shirts

About Our T-Shirts

Whether its our t-shirt club our or our permanent collections, our t-shirts have captured your attention. Not just the designs, but the craftsmanship and quality of the tee itself.

So what is it that makes our t-shirts so special?

1. Unmatched Comfort

Pure Muskoka tees are 100% soft - really soft!!! What makes Pure Muskoka tees so soft? First off, they are a lightweight and the type of cotton used to make our tees has everything to do with its quality and softness. We could go on and on about the cotton used - but what you really need to know is that no corners were cut, and we’re using the best of the best. It’s called Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton - and it's really comfortable.

2. They are Durable

Pure Muskoka tees have strong side seams that give it durability for years. They also have shoulder taping that allows them to keep their famous lines after all those cycles and washes you will put them through. Most of our tees are a cotton/poly blend. We choose this blend because they can be fashioned into an abrasion-resistant fabric. What makes the cotton/poly blend so great is that it can also be washed more often and doesn’t shrink like 100% cotton or polyester. Because of this you can wear poly cotton fabric more often and wash it more often without worrying about the material losing its durability as fast as other types of garments.
Our tees are built to last.

3. They are Attractive

Pure Muskoka tees have a retail fit, so they fall and wear more naturally around your body, flowing with the curve of your chest, torso, and hips. The ribbed knit stitching on the collar looks stylish and also keeps the shirt looking fresh for years. We only sell side-seamed t-shirts (never tublar).

4. Ethical Manufacturing

Pure Muskoka guarantees that no sweatshops are used in the manufacturing of our products. Our t-shirt manufacturers are among the most eco-friendly in the world. They have reduced our footprint in two ways in our eco-friendly manufacturing process. First, by using as little water as possible. Their dye machines use 7x less water than the industry average, and saving over 24 million gallons of water per week. The little waste wastewater they do generate goes to a state-of the art water reclamation plant in Los Angeles. The California Environmental Protection Agency, or “EPA”, is the strictest in the world. Due to the EPA’s high level of oversight and regulation, we ensure no harmful chemicals are released back into our ecosystem. All for our planet earth🙂

What Makes Our Tees So Soft?

Airlume Combed and Ring-spun Cotton

Our tees are made out of the best cotton available on the market.

The grade of cotton used in manufacturing determines its quality - specifically how the cotton is refined before it’s spun for garments.

What Makes Pure Muskoka Tees So Soft? Airlume Combed and Ring-Spun Cotton
Pure Muskoka T-Shirts - Quality - Carded Open End Cotton vs. 100% Combed and Ring-Spun Cotton

Great Fitting Shirts

With Great Seams, Comes A Great Fit

Side Seamed VS. Tublar Tees

With great seams, comes a great fit! Pure Muskoka tees are designed specifically to be great fitting shirts. Taking a look at the various types of human bodies, you might notice something surprising: none are shaped like a tube! Pure Muskoka does not and will not ever sell a tubular tee.

Why Do Tubular Tees Exist?

First off, the reason tubular tees exist is because they are cheap to make and require less sewing. Imagine a tube of fabric. Tubular tees are made by slicing into the tube to create a circular piece of fabric, then the arms and neck are sewn on and you have a T-shirt. Pure Muskoka we decided early on, never to sell a tubular tee because we never wanted to compromise the fit of the garment.

It’s All in the Fit

When you compare a tubular T-shirt to one that is side-seamed, there are obvious reasons for its inferior fit. Since human bodies are not the shape of a tube, a tubular tee won’t fit well.

On tubular T-shirts, the armholes are not tailored and the neck openings are generic and the front is exactly the same as the back. This means you’ll get a more generic fit, verses the way a Pure Muskoka tee is specifically graded for every body type in our size range. Side-seams are especially critical for unisex tees intended to be worn by women due to their curves.

Side Seamed vs. Tubular T-Shirts
Pure Muskoka Clothing - Designed and Printed in Muskoka

Quality Is Our Highest Priority

Premium Tees Made in North America

Designed, Finished and Embellished In Muskoka

All finishing and embellishing of our t-shirts is completed in Muskoka. This means all printing, tagging, embossing, embroidering etc. - is completed by us in Muskoka.

Pure Muskoka owns its own printing presses and we do all of the screen printing ourselves right here in Muskoka.

Cut and Dyed and Sewn in Los Angeles, California

Why not Canada? We are working on solutions to have our t-shirts manufactured in Canada - like our deluxe fleece line. Unfortunately at this time we don't have a partner that can deliver the quality, ethical manufacturing standards and affordability that make our tees so great. It has not stopped our pursuit - we work at solving this every day. One day (hopefully sooner than later), we hope to say our t-shirts are made in Canada.

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