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What Makes Pure Muskoka Hoodies So Special?

A Hoodie is a Hoodie is a Hoodie

This is just not the case.

First and foremost, the magic happens locally! Our hoodie line is proudly produced in Toronto, Ontario,

But really, It starts with the feel. When you put on a Pure Muskoka hoodie for the first time, you already feel like this is the favourite hoodie you’ve even worn. It has that coziness that you feel like you’ve had it on and lived in it for 10 years!

The Fabrics are the top of the line and the difference will be appreciated upon first touch

Behind The Seams

Pure Muskoka hoodies feature flatlock stitching which weaves in an extra thread to provide greater strength and durability. This is the highest quality stitching you will find. Flatlock seams’ most noticeable quality is that they have almost no bulk. With this kind of join, there are no seam allowances hanging around, they’re all wrapped inside the seam, This allows for the most comfortable seam where there is no rubbing or chafing. Other types of stitching have seam allowances in the inside of the garment that may irritate or harm the wearer’s skin. Also, Flatlock has two nice-looking sides: one with the thread zig-zagging, the opposite with a nice ladder stitch.

Yes, we spell Favourite with a ‘U'

Our MADE IN CANADA hoodies are made to least decades, not years. We promise they will become your favourite hoodie!