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2022 Pure Muskoka Puzzle Contest

Ready, Set Puzzle!

We think that there is no better, more relaxing way to pass time during these cold Winter months than to cozy up by the fireplace, a hot cup of tea or delicious glass of wine in hand, and settle in with a good jigsaw puzzle

... and the chance to win some great Pure Muskoka Prizes!

Contest runs from Jan 15th until March 13th.

How To Enter

First you’ll need to equip yourself with the proper materials!

Shop our puzzles online or visit us at our Bracebridge location (8 Manitoba St) and choose your puzzle(s). To order them with a 15% discount, use code “PUZZLECHALLENGE” at check-out.

You will also likely need fuzzy slippers, a warm blanket, some snacks and a beverage of choice….we would love to visit each and everyone of you with a care package of these essential items, but we are too busy doing puzzles ourselves!

Shop our puzzles online

How To Enter

Once you receive your puzzle, you can puzzle your heart out! (remember to take nutrition and sleep breaks….we know how addictive it can be).

When you are finished, take a photo of your completed puzzle, and if you want, your exhausted, but blissfully contented face (please? just for us?) and email it to us at

3 Winners will be selected on March 14th.

Pure Muskoka - Classic - Puzzle

Great Prizes

We're giving away 3 prizes to 3 different winners:
• one 12 month t-shirt subscription (value $360)
• one $200 Pure Muskoka Gift Card
• professional framing of your completed puzzle by Martin’s Framing, in Bracebridge

Shop our puzzles online

When do I need to purchase my puzzle by in order to enter the contest?

Well, that depends how fast you are. Bottom line, we need to see your finished puzzle by March 13th. You will need to take into account shipping time (usually 1-3 business days) and how long it takes you to finish. Please keep in mind that even our 500 piece puzzles are very challenging, so maybe don’t get all cocky and wait until the last minute!! (“yes, Mom”)

Can I pair up and puzzle with a buddy?

Of course!! We encourage it, actually…the more the merrier! This does mean you will have to share your prize if you win, though. But you don’t mind. ;)

How can I win?

After much deliberation, we have decided it best to choose 3 winners by random draw. If times were different, we would love to host this challenge in person with teams of puzzle enthusiasts….However, in these times of COVID, it’s just not gonna happen.

Side note: The more puzzles you do, the better your odds of winning!

The draw for the winners will take place on the evening of Monday, March 14 and we will announce the winners on shortly thereafter via our newsletter, Facebook and IG. Also, the winners will receive a congratulatory email.

How do I enter my finished puzzle?

When you are finished, take a photo of your completed puzzle, and if you want, your exhausted, but blissfully contented face (please? just for us?) and email it to us at

Contest runs from Jan 15th until March 13th, 2022.

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