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Rainy Days At The Cottage

Rainy days at the cottage, while not being the first choice, conjure up some of my favourite family memories. A day on the dock (or out on the water) is amazing, but there’s something so nostalgic and close about being stuck indoors, or on a covered veranda or Muskoka room, with family and friends.

Even though its raining and our first tendency these days is to reach for a movie, or our phones or computers, we actually make these off limits on rainy summer days at the cottage.

It usually means busting out the cards, a board game or a 1,000 piece puzzle. You can picture it, can’t you? Everyone huddled around the table with a couple of candles lit or some lamps on (with warm incandescent bulbs, not the harsh white fluorescent type) spending time together in close quarters.

As I get older, I am able to step back and view these moments (as they’re happening) and truly appreciate them. It’s not too often we get quality time like this anymore.

What’s most remarkable about the weather induced family play time is that it reminds everyone how much fun spending time together is. When the rain stops, it’s funny how the kids aren’t in a rush to get back outside (or on their devices) but rather start another game of Monopoly.

I don’t usually pray for rainy days but I surely do appreciate what they do for gluing our family together.

Share your favourite rainy day activity at the cottage with us in the comments below.

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