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Peepers Gonna Peep!

There is a sound we long to hear every year, here in Muskoka, because it’s the sound that announces the arrival of Spring.

Spring peepers!

Coming out of hibernation these tiny treefrogs make a whole lot of noise to announce that they have survived the Winter and are ready to mate! Generally, they can be heard from early April to late October, and tend to be a lot louder around dusk and into the night because they are nocturnal creatures.

We have really grown to love these little frogs and what they symbolize to us: Longer days, the greening of our landscape and the anticipation of a warmer season ahead.

Next time you are enjoying an evening outdoors, stop and enjoy the sounds of the Spring Peeper….or better yet, open your windows, allow the evening air to enter your room and allow these tiny creatures to lull you to sleep.

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1 comment

  • margaret durnford

    love the sound of spring peepers!!! thanks for sharing
    summer is on the way

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