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November In Muskoka

November is here, and we think it’s such an underrated month. Sure, it’s a transition, and the weather can be unpredictable, but there are just so many unique things about being in Muskoka at this time of year. Some of these make us feel happy, some make us sad…and some pull on our heart strings in a nostalgic kind of way. Regardless and decidedly, we love Muskoka in every season.

  1. It’s quiet
  2. It’s dark
  3. Leaves are floor décor
  4. Cranberries on everything
  5. Layers are a must (and mostly plaid)
  6. Snow has already fallen
  7. It’s still 20 °C some days
  8. Hunting season is on
  9. Ice is already in the rinks
  10. It’s time to get the boat out of the water
  11. Half the local shops are closed for the season
  12. No more grocery store line-ups
  13. No more restaurant line-ups
  14. Christmas lights not yet welcome
  15. Poppies are a must
  16. You are the only one on the lakes
  17. You are the only one on the trails
  18. You might still be swimming
  19. You might also be crazy
  20. Everyone says, “It came fast”, anytime someone says it’s November
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