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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Boat!

Pure Muskoka got to spend some time with Mickey Henry at What Wake Park, a Cable Wakeboarding facility, at Bush’s Watersports Park in Bala.

In the video above, Mickey shows off some skills and what is possible as a Cable Wakeboarder. Mickey, one of the winners of last’s years Amazing Race Canada is the owner/operator of What Wake Park.

Are You Wondering What Cable Wakeboarding Is?

The basic principles in Cable Wakeboarding are the same as in water skiing or wakeboarding. The only difference is the method to pull the rider. In Cable Wakeboarding the rider is not pulled by a boat but instead by an overhead cable system of cables and a winch.

Essentially, the wakeboard cable replaces the boat and pulls the rider along a course allowing a continuous ride along a course between two towers.

Because there is only one person on the cable, it means that if they fall, the operator can drive the handle back to them and they can get up again right there. There is no need to swim back to the start platform. That means the rider gets maximum ride time on the cable!

Cable Wakeboarding is an environmentally friendly. The cable system is run by the use of electricity, so it doesn’t produce wastes such as exhaust, oil and doesn’t pollute the air and water.

Any beginner can learn Cable Wakeboarding in a very short period of time, no more than an hour or two, and feel confident.
There are no any age limitations for the participants of Cable Wakeboarding – from the age of 7 to 80.

In the video above Mickey is catching his air off of obstacles, much like a skateboarding park. These are an optional part of Cable Wakeboarding and not mandatory.

What Wake Park is located at the famous Bush’s Watersports Park. It’s just north of Bala and is setting the standard for watersports experience in Muskoka.

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