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A Great Fall Drive

If you haven’t had the chance to drive this road in the fall, here’s a quick glimpse of what you’re missing.

Muskoka Beach road is a fantastic drive that is a little “off the beaten path” that connects Bracebridge to Gravenhurst. It is such a gorgeous drive year round and particualry stunning when the fall colours arrive.

If you’re wondering where exactly Muskoka Beach Road is we’ve provided a Google Map (below) that will help you locate the spot where we shot this video.


Pure Muskoka Berbers

View Muskoka Beach Road in a larger map

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1 comment

  • Dave Knight

    Ok, so you sell clothes, but you have posted a video of a fabulous country drive. Nothing to do with clothes, but everything to do with what you stand for as a company, which is all about how wonderful Muskoka is. Nicely done 🙂

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