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Retired T-Shirt Sale

Have you had your eye on one of our monthly T-Shirt Club designs and wished that there was a way to get your hands on it? Well, this may be your chance!

While it is true that these T-shirts are exclusive to members of the club and we only make a set number of them each month, here’s the thing….

We always make some extras (🤫 shhhhhhh!)
and it's almost time to let them go.


Every month, we make a few more shirts than we need.

Every month, we make a few more shirts than we need to fulfill the shirt club subscriptions. We do this to account for exchanges - like when someone first signs up for shirt club and doesn’t order their correct size, or when size changes happen.

Well, anyway, we’ve been holding on to all of these much coveted, extra shirts for reasons such as this, but we’ve finally decided it’s time to let them go.

Our Shirt Club surplus sale will open at 10AM on Saturday February 25th. (Sign up above to get a 24HR head start). To make it fair for all, this will be an online sale ONLY, so be ready, act fast and order that shirt you’ve been wanting before someone else beats you to it!



Be sure to mark February 25th @ 10AM in your calendar as we saw in last year's sale that the majority of the shirts were sold in the first few hours. Remember if you sign up for early access you'll be able to purchase at 10AM on February 24th.

Do your research ahead of time and be ready.

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