Retired Shirts

If you see a shirt here, it means you can no longer get it. It's gone forever. Not to worry, we'll be designing a new Muskoka themed shirt every month.

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All Aboard

August 2020

Pair large text with a full-width image to draw attention to an important detail of your brand or product line.


JULY 2020

There's nothing more Pure Muskoka than cruising the lakes in an old wooden boat. Nothing!

Mortimer's Point

June 2020

If you've spent time boating on  Lake Muskoka, you've undoubtedly seen this vintage sign at Mortimer's Point near the Kettles. 


May 2020

Depending where in Muskoka you're headed you have a decision to make when you see this sign travelling North on the 400.


April 2020

This might just be the highlight of the drive around Lake Muskoka. The Huckleberry Rock Cut is as iconic as it is beautiful.

Definitely the most famous rock cut in Muskoka.


March 2020

Turn off the highway and drive down the road until you see a big tree with a whole bunch of names on it. This has always been a common navigation method in Muskoka. 

Before there was GPS, there were “Directrees”. 

Moon Cruise

February 2020

A moonlight cruise under a full moon, on a warm summer night, takes that "Muskoka Feeling" to a whole other level. This shirt was inspired by photo taken on an amazing evening cruise on Lake Muskoka from Bala to Port Carling a few years back.


January 2020

Our premiere shirt was inspired by the highway sign that points to many of the Muskoka towns. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a sign that had all the towns on it, but this one stood out to us. You can find this sign on Hwy 141 near Hwy 400.