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Black Friday Sale - Early Access

This is it. our best deals ever

Jump start your holiday shopping on Black Friday.

We'll have great deals on all products -- but we only have limited products in certain styles and sizes. This is your chance to jump the line and get early access. Simply fill in your email below and we'll give you a 24hr head start.


This is our one sale of the year.

If you've been a fan of Pure Muskoka, you'll know our brand isn't built around constant sales and deals - heck, we can't even keep most of our products in stock!

This is our first Black Friday sale and we're going to make it a good one.

If you signed up with the form above, we'll send you an email at 9am on the Thursday, giving you early access to the sale. This will give you first crack at our most popular items, that are guaranteed to sell out on the Friday. Don't forget to check your inbox Thursday morning at 9am.

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