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Bala's Trek To Bethlehem

Each year, for the past 20+ years, residents from the town of Bala come together to put on this amazing event to remind us all about the true meaning behind Christmas.

As always, the event was fantastic and the turnout was incredible. Many shared in the magic of the Christmas miracle. Bala’s streets were transformed into a biblical village where visitors journeyed back in time to experience the first Christmas.

If you haven’t been, definitely put this event on your list of things to do.

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  • Lyle Beckett

    Attended the wonderful Trek last
    Night for the second time.
    What a perfect delight and Blessing. The Introduction by the Men’s Choir was Great, our guide Eva, the mother was delightful and added greatly to our fascinating Journey!
    Each chapter was so well done and my wife and I identified with all of the segments!
    As born again Christians we so enjoyed the whole story and were blessed with the realism.
    The live sheep were wonderful as I rubbed their young heads and they responded warmly. They reminded me of the scripture verse: My Sheep hear my voice!
    “ALL” of the Actors played their part beautifully!
    I so enjoyed the homemade treats which were welcome after the journey.
    Please share this note with all the players and trust and pray that you never stop presenting your ministry!
    It was obvious that the local residents were so willing to help make all of what you do, worh while.kindly thank them!
    My wife and I came without cash and are Anxious to donate.
    Would you kindly provide a safe address so that we can make an E Transfer.
    Lyle Beckett
    PS Are you ever in need of volunteers?

  • Frank Wice

    Please keep me informed as to what is going on in muskoka

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