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2023 Retired Shirt Research

ICONIC - january 2023

A nod to the sights and sounds that make Muskoka so special. With every wear, you'll be reminded of lazy afternoons spent lounging by the water's edge, the sound of loons calling in the distance, and the fresh, clean scent of pine.

Waterskier - December 2022

There's nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline that comes from gliding across the crystal-clear waters of Muskoka's lakes, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. This shirt is all about that feeling.

Inner Space - November 2022

There's nothing quite like the feeling of solitude and peace that comes from starting your day on the dock, surrounded by the natural beauty and stillness of the lake. This tee captures that feeling, with its serene graphics and muted colours that are sure to transport you back to those quiet, contemplative moments.

Young Buck - October 2022

You're surrounded by the peace and stillness of nature, with the sights and sounds of the wildlife all around you. Our Young Buck t-shirt captures that feeling.

Scenic Route - September 2022

Featuring a stunning depiction of a fall drive down Muskoka Beach Road, this shirt will transport you back to those unforgettable moments spent exploring the road less traveled. This t-shirt is a reminder to always take the scenic route. 

Style Points - August 2022

Featuring a stunning depiction of a classic wooden boat interior, this shirt transports to times spent cruising the Muskoka lakes. The wooden finish and vintage design of the boat interior evoke a sense of elegance and timelessness.


One of those unforgettable moments spent exploring the natural beauty of Muskoka. This photo was taken down the Moon River at "The Chutes"

Bonfire - June 2022

There's nothing quite like the crackling of the flames, the cozy glow of the fire, and the sound of laughter and storytelling that fills the air when gathered with friends and family around a bonfire in Muskoka.

It's A Feeling - June 2022

Featuring our logo shape, this t-shirt is a hand-illustrated tribute to all that makes Muskoka special - the lakes, the outdoors, water sports, and the legendary Kee to Bala.

Moonlight View - March 2022

A classic Muskoka Chair and a moonrise over the lake - this shirt transports you to those peaceful moments spent taking in the natural beauty of Muskoka (especially at night).

Huckleberry Rock Cut - Feb 2022

Featuring a stunning depiction of a drive through the Huckleberry Rock Cut, this shirt transports you to those unforgettable moments spent exploring the region and taking the scenic route. The towering rock walls, the winding roads, and glimpses of the lakes are all at the heart of this design.

Snowy Road - January 2022

This tee captures the magical feeling of driving through the winter wonderland of Muskoka after a fresh snowfall.

Word Chair - December 2021

We asked our online community to tell us what words comes to mind when thinking of Muskoka. We had such a great response, and more than enough words to work with in creating this Muskoka chair T-shirt graphic!

Torrance Barrens - Nov 2021

A perfect place to hike during the day and stargaze at night, the Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve was designated the world’s first permanent Dark Sky Preserve back in 1999.

South Muskoka Falls - Oct 2021

The Muskoka River tumbles down a steep, narrow chute just South of Bracebridge. This waterfall has created a large gorge over thousands of years, and although it’s somewhat hidden under Highway 11, it is a beautiful sight to behold!


This shoreline view is a hub of activity at the “hub of the lakes”. A popular spot for locals, cottagers and tourists to come dine and shop and see what Port Carling has to offer. A favourite, for sure.

Classic - August 2021

Perhaps you have memories of your grandfather's "old woody" and the sentimental value it holds for you evoking a sense of tranquility and beauty that is unique to Muskoka. Or maybe you're simply a fan of the quality and durability of these timeless vessels. Whatever your reasons for loving these boats, we understand that it's more than just an object; it's a feeling.

The Chutes - July 2021

Everyone who knows the the Moon River, loves “The Chutes”!  A wonderful place to go cruising, fishing, camping, or have a picnic, this spot is a favourite for generations of locals, visitors and “river rats”.

The Jumper - June 2021

The famous leap from the boathouse in Muskoka! A bucket list feeling - for sure!

Knot's Landing - May 2021

We feel that the dock cleat is rather symbolic of life on the lake. Many of us will remember the first time we were entrusted with the task of tying up the boat. How we eagerly jumped out onto the dock to pull the boat in close, while next being taught how to properly figure-eight the rope around the dock cleat. Ahhhhh….memories!

Front Row Seating - April 2021

Sitting at the edge of the dock, watching the light and colours ripple on the surface of the water as the sun goes down - What a magical end to the day.

Paddle On - March 2021

These days, a serene state of mind can be a difficult thing to achieve. Just know that Muskoka is here for you, and peace is only ever a paddle away.

Serenity Now - February 2021

We love those calm, quiet mornings, when there’s nobody out on the lake except us and the loons. When the sun hasn’t fully risen and there’s a light mist coming off of the water…..and it’s so calm that the surface is like glass, and the reflection along the shoreline is a perfect symmetry.  Total serenity.

Pure - January 2021

Pure beauty.
Pure relaxation.
Pure Nature.
Pure outdoors.
Pure fun.
Pure inspiration.
Pure memories.

We all have our own reasons for being here, but our love of this place unites us.

Milford Bay - December 2020

Everyone loves this familiar stretch of Highway 118 at Milford Bay. The beautiful, pink granite is some of the oldest rock on the planet, and the rock cut itself is about a kilometre long. This makes highway 118 one of the most scenic routes in and around Muskoka.

Owl Eyes - November 2020

Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Barred owls are one of our favourite woodland wildlife sights. They seem to be much easier to hear than see, so we always consider ourselves lucky when we cross paths with one.

All Aboard - August 2020

Steamships shaped the history of Muskoka. Carrying mail, traded goods, travellers and tourists, these vessels became the backbone which connected everything and everyone in the region for over a hundred years. That is why this grand old lady of the lakes, Wenonah II, holds such a special place in our hearts.

Old Woody - July 2020

Is there anything as grand as an “old woody”? Wooden boats like this give us a glimpse into Muskoka’s rich past and hold sentimental value for many people. They are really something special. 

Mortimer's Point - June 2020

The Esso sign at Mortimer’s Marina is a lake landmark for anyone who’s “in the know” on Lake Muskoka. Places like this help us navigate the lakes and are a big part of cottage culture, here in our beloved Muskoka!

Moon Cruise - February 2020

Clear skies, calm waters, the sounds of crickets and loons….there’s nothing else quite like it.

Choices - January 2020

Highway signs become landmarks on the way to our homes, cottages or destinations in Muskoka. We all have our favourite ones that are telling us, “You are almost there!” And with that, we can feel ourselves start to relax a little and begin to feel more at ease.

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