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The Most Colourful Time Of The Year.

The Most Colourful Time Of The Year.

The Autumn season is fascinating to witness in Muskoka. Whether you live here or are visiting, it is a great opportunity to catch this transition in real-time. Every year it never ceases to amaze - the hues of bright yellows, burnt oranges, vibrant reds, deep purples and golden browns create a canopy of Autumn tones. Muskoka offers a vast number of hiking trails where one can take in the colours, sounds and smells. Plan a day trip and drive along one of the historical scenic roads, or better yet, go for a bike ride! It is also a wonderful time of year to have a campfire, spend the day fishing, forage for mushrooms, go for a paddle or just find a special sit spot to enjoy a Muskoka moment in the clear, crisp air….and don’t forget the pleasure of raking leaves (ha ha)….but you have to admit it’s fun to jump in the pile! Just enjoy the splendour that is Fall!

Do you ever wonder why leaves turn colour in Autumn?

Leaves don’t actually “turn” colours. With the winter season coming, and the process of photosynthesis being without the key ingredients of warmth and sunshine, trees begin to break down chlorophyll. As the green of the chlorophyll begins to disappear, the other colours that have been there all along - the beautiful reds, golds, and oranges - begin to express themselves.

Enjoy the fall colours in this Pure Muskoka video:

Fall Blessings, friends!

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