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Muskoka Nights

This video was created by one of our Pure Muskoka fans and we think it is definitely worth sharing.

Here's a little about Dave Dresser.

"I'm a singer songwriter from London Ontario. Every summer as a kid I went to camps in the Huntsville area and came to love the area and the lifestyle. These days my family has a cottage a couple hours north of Huntsville where we spend as much time as we can! This tune hopefully evokes the sense of peace I get from being in Muskoka. Such a beautiful place!"

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  • Sobbing by the end of this. My dad’s family starting vacationing on Lake of Bays in 1908. At 69, I have been going there for 68 summers. Now my children and grandchildren have Muskoka in the blood, and it’s what we all long for from the day we head home to NY. Sadly, yesterday was to be the start of our 3 weeks on the lake, and the border remains closed. The youngest grandkids don’t understand, and keep saying “We go to Canada soon, right?”. Praying that next summer will find us on that dock, and around that fire, and falling asleep to the calls of the loons. Thank you for your video.

  • Well done but remember there is only one .muskoka,(not ”Muskokas”).


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