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Moon River Chutes In Bala

Moon River Chutes In Bala

Many of us know the “Muskoka” cottage experience of days on the dock, swimming, boating and campfires but sometimes we just need to be still, and quiet and let mother nature blow our minds with her true beauty and magnificence. A place where you can be still, calm your mind and reflect back to your roots of what life was like before the rat race.

A time and a place where you just were.

When someone comes to visit us in Muskoka, one of the first places I want to take them is the Moon River Chutes — at the foot of the Moon River in Bala. Because once there, I can just watch them shed themselves of all life’s problems and just be. And marvel.

Moon River Chutes

The Moon River Chutes is such a magical place. Not just visually reflective, but spiritually reflective. It’s truly a place that you visit feeling one way and leave feeling another.

Many people who practice meditation do so with their eyes closed, this is one place where you can actually do it with your eyes open.

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  • Can you paddle it both ways? ie back upstream to Bala


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