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Colouring at the Cottage

Colouring at the Cottage

Cottage time is about scaling back, slowing down and finding things to pass the time that are enjoyable and/or relaxing. We all love sunny days out on the water or adventuring in the forest, but there are plenty of times when the weather - or our energy levels - don’t co-operate and we find ourselves spending quiet time indoors, instead. Times like this can be such a gift! Who doesn’t have precious memories of sitting by the kitchen table on a rainy day, or maybe in the Muskoka room on a warm, quiet evening curled up with a good book, a puzzle, or engaging in some other relaxing activity? If you sit back and close your eyes, I bet you can even hear that gorgeous, familiar summer background soundtrack of raindrops falling on leaves, or of crickets chirping in the night.  Ahhhhh…..Muskokaaaah.
We have recently added colouring to our list of simple things that we can do on days like this, or to wind down and recharge at the end of the day. Colouring is a wonderful stress-free activity that relaxes the mind, helps with dexterity and focus, and provides a fun creative outlet….and we think it’s a perfect cottage activity for both children and adults!  Better yet, it’s an activity that can be shared, providing quality time with family or friends.
Pure Muskoka Colouring Posters
We encourage you to break out those coloured pencils, find a spot and pull up a chair where you can sit and work on a colouring project this summer.
You won’t regret it!
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