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Pure Muskoka Blog

Jul 26, 2023

It's A Feeling - Behind The Tagline

Imagine a place that reaches beyond words, where every heartbeat syncs with the rhythm of the land. This place is Mus...

Jul 14, 2023

Docktails in Muskoka: Refreshing Drinks to Savour on the Dock

As the sun shines down on Muskoka's picturesque lakes, it's time to elevate your dockside experience with some delici...

Jun 23, 2023

Go First, Wet Lifejackets Suck!

Muskoka watersports veterans have this down to a fine art You know that moment, right? You're all psyched to hit the ...

Jun 21, 2023

Waving on The Water: Learn Why Waving is More Than Just a Gesture

There's a special feeling that comes with being in Muskoka. It's the calm ripple of the lake against your boat, the w...

Jun 14, 2023

The Ultimate Pure Muskoka Campfire Tunes Playlist: Your Musical Masterpiece Unveiled

We extend our deepest gratitude for your overwhelming response to our recent campfire tunes contest. Your passion for...

Jun 14, 2023

The Fox Whisperers: How Our Community United to Help a Furry Friend in Need

Hello friends and fellow animal lovers! Gather 'round and let us tell you a story about a little furry friend who has...

Jun 2, 2023

Huckleberry Rock Cut: A Testament to Time, Nature, and Human Ingenuity in Muskoka

The next time you encounter Huckleberry Rock Cut, let it stir your soul and evoke that unmistakable feeling of Pure Muskoka—it's a feeling that resonates deep within you, etching itself into your very being.

May 26, 2023

Inside the World of Muskoka's Loons

Uncover Their Hidden Secrets and Intriguing Mysteries! Loons aren't just your average birds—they're the James Bonds o...

May 19, 2023

The 5-Minute Miracle for a Bug-Free Windshield!

Why You've Been Cleaning Your Windshield Wrong All Along! Welcome to another chapter in the grand saga of Muskoka liv...

May 6, 2023

How To Identify Ontario's 8 Turtle Species

Ontario is home to eight different species of turtles, making it the province with the highest number of turtle speci...

May 6, 2023

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?

Have you ever wondered why turtles cross the road? As spring and summer arrive, you may notice turtles crossing ...

Apr 15, 2023

Spring in Muskoka: Peepers' Melody Brings "It's a Feeling" Alive

As winter fades in Muskoka, spring comes to life with the enchanting sound of peepers. These tiny frogs' chorus fills the air, creating the perfect soundtrack for the season and embodying the "Muskoka feeling".
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