Muskoka Chair Artwork

Pure Muskoka Chair Artwork

Muskoka Chair Artwork

We had this idea for a creative project to design a piece of artwork out of words that tell the Muskoka story. We were inspired some of the great word art projects we’d seen in the past and wanted to something for Muskoka.

Pure Muskoka Framed ArtworkSo we asked our community of followers on Facebook (you can see the original post here) to supply us with one word that came to mind when they thought of Muskoka. We had well over 600 responses in less than 5 hours.

We took the next few weeks to sift through the words and design them into the iconic Muskoka Chair (Special thanks to the Muskoka Chair Company for letting us use their chair as the blueprint).

It was such a fun project to do. If you’re interested in purchasing a poster of the final piece, we are selling them online.