2015 Winter Moments

Winter 2015 in Muskoka

It’s impossible to capture Muskoka in a single photo (or a few photos, for that matter). Our team is inspired to capture and share as much as we can with you. It’s a daily grind that we enjoy more than anything else on the planet.

The collection of photos below is what we’ve captured in Winter 2015. Feel free to check our our 2014 Summer Moments or 2015 Spring Moments too.

Do You Have A Photo You’d Like To Share With Us?

Generally, we like to use our own photos for our Pure Muskoka moments as the fun is the process of getting out and taking a daily photo. Occasionally we get sent photos that are just too good not to share.

If you have a high quality and timely photo you’d like to share with us for consideration as one of our Pure Muskoka Moments please email it to info@puremuskoka.com. Make sure your photo is as high resolution (biggest file size) as possible.

Sending us your photo doesn’t guarantee that we’ll use it, but we will definitely get back to you.